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10 August 2008 @ 03:35 pm

Photoshop CS2. Translatable. Colour balance. Only 6 steps!

1. Take your picture; resize it and position it however you want within a 100x100 frame. I took this picture of Imogen Heap and made this base:

2. Sharpen your picture. If it looks a bit too over the top, go to Edit -> Fade Sharpen.

3. Duplicate the base and set it to Screen, 100%. (you can drop the opacity later if your image looks too bright)

4. Create a new raster layer with the fill colour #e3e2cf. Set to Multiply, 100%

5. Next, create a new Colour Balance adjustment layer (Layer->New Adj. Layer->Colour Balance). Settings are:
Midtones: -42, -42, -27
Shadows: -49, +1, +31
Highlights: +8, +1, +14.

Make sure "Preserve Luminosity" is clicked at all times.

6. Create yet another new raster layer and fill colour #bdeef2 to Colour Burn 100%.

And you're done!

If your image is too greeen I'd suggest lowering the opacity of the Colour Burn layer, or reducing the amont of Cyan on the midtones Colour Balance.

Other examples: