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29 July 2008 @ 03:44 pm
First post of the journal! Usual rules apply - please ignore the fact that the names of some end in "velveticons"... that's a long story.

* 01-14 Grey's Anatomy (S2&S3- mainly Denny & Izzie)
* 15-23 Watchmen (Trailer and prod. stills)
* 24-31 Doctor Who (S4 Finale spoilers)
* 32-36 Moulin Rouge
* 36-40 Maggie Gyllenhaal

Rock me, give me that kick now rock me, show me that trick now, roll me - you can do magic babyCollapse )
22 October 2028 @ 08:48 pm
Welcome to Musiecons: Piratemuse's icon journal.
I have a vast array of fandoms and sometimes I icon things I don't even like but one thing's for sure - I have made far too many icons!

The rules are thus:

If you think I could take some time to icon a subject/theme/programme/person of your liking, or have any (minor!) requests such as tutorials or an icon in a smiilar style, please don't hesitate to comment HERE.
Also, if you wish to be affiliated of any kind, comment here also.

Other than that, Enjoy my icons!